Feature pack for AUDIOCONTROL12.8
By adding the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 FEATURE PACK (AC12.8FP) it is possible to integrate extra features like message player, logic inputs & outputs, output delay and zone combining. These extra features can all be integrated in macros you can program within the GII12.8. Each of the 48 available macros can be configured to play messages, open doors, start a presentation or combine zones… all with just a simple push of a button.Message Player / Recorder
This feature gives the possibility to integrate 8 messages into your audio system which can be recorded from a DIMIC paging station, any AUDIOCONTROL audio input or even via the audio output of your PC media player. Playback of these messages is possible in any combination of zones. Applications where the message player is useful are regular announcements like store closings, school bells, assistance counters in retail shops or change of system mode (day/night)…Logical Inputs / 0-10V inputs
The AC12.8FP gives the opportunity to use 8 logical inputs which can be programmed normal logic or binary logic. These logical inputs can recall macros directly and can be set latching or non-latching. Logic inputs can be programmed to look for logic 0 or 1 or toggle. The binary logic inputs can be programmed via the binary table in the GII which allows you to recall macros by a predefined logic input pattern (56 possible combinations).
When using a 0-10V input for gradual control, an externally supplied voltage is needed. When using the Apart N-VOL10K for voltage sensing, the current is supplied by the AUDIOCONTROL12.8.

Logical Outputs
The 8 logical outputs on the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 can be used to control external devices. They have polarity inverse on/off or toggle functions for use inside a macro. Examples: the paging priority can be set what allows local volume controls to be to overridden during paging, the outputs can be zone assigned…

Output Delay
The output delay function allows you to implement a delay on your audio signal up to 314m (910.14ms) with 0.1m precision on each output. Typical applications for the output delay functions are churches, theaters, big meeting rooms, big party locations or every other application where you need to cover a big distance with multiple loudspeakers.

Zone Combining
In the Grapical Installer Interface you can find a wizard based system where you can combine up to 4 zones in 2 zone groups. The display shows you clearly the current room combinations you have made and the logical input configuration and macros you have made in the GII are generated automatically by the wizard.
Zone combining is an interesting feature for applications where you have for example two independent meeting rooms divided by a removable wall. When a larger meeting room is needed, you can open the removable wall and the zone combining feature will combine the two meeting rooms into one zone where the audio settings are automatically been changed to have the perfect sound in this new created zone.


connector type Euroblock supported main unit AUDIOCONTROL12.8
logic inputs 8 (0-10V or logic) Net weight product 0,10 kg
logic outputs 8 (logic, open collector) output max 70mA/24Vdc


Digital wall control Decora Style, white
The D-DIWAC wall mount controller is ideal to control the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 and AUDIOSYSTEM8.8 in every single room. The DIWAC is configured as an audio controller with ‘source select’ and ‘volume adjustment’ buttons. The LCD-display has 2 line – 12 character and has a timed (adjustable) white blacklight.


supported main unit AC12.8 – AUDIOSYSTEM8.8 programmable functions yes
addressing hardwired connector type euroblock 2-pole
max. cable 2.5 mm² max. cable length 580 m
inputs no width 70 mm
height 115 mm depth 20 mm
weight 0.1 kg Net weight product 0.07 kg


Digital Priority/Emergency Extender for AUDIOCONTROL12.8
DIPEX is a versatile digital priority / emergency extender for use with AUDIOCONTROL12.8, easy to configure via the host’s graphical installer interface. It allows you to connect message players (e.g. promotional messages in supermarkets that change on a daily basis or modern pop tunes as an alternative to the boring old fashioned school bel) or to make a connection with EVAC and alarm centrals to produce evacuation messages or alarm signals. DIPEX also allow you to paging via the telephone central or to create an overall mute contact for the AUDIOCONTROL12.8.When the DIPEX has been triggered, the line level signal will go into the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 via the DIMIC paging bus. The priority level of DIPEX can be set between 0 and 7. The ‘priority zero’ makes the line level signal of the DIPEX have absolute priority, a must in case of emergencies! Priority zero is only available on the DIPEX and cannot be selected on DIMIC microphones.


connector type RJ45 – Euroblock power type phantom or external power supply
external power supply 12 – 24Vdc/75mA inputs bal. line
width 128 mm height 35 mm
depth 105 mm weight 0.35 kg
supported main unit AUDIOCONTROL12.8 buttons 1 test button
indicator power – status zones up to 24
input impedance 100k Ohm sensitivity 100mV – 1V RMS (0 dBV)
frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz cable type CAT5
Net weight product 0.34 kg


Digital programmable wall control for AC12.8/AUDIOSYSTEM8.8
The DIWAC wall mount controller is ideal to control the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 in every single room. The wall mount controller is programmable via the host’s unit’s graphical installer interface to allocate the functionalities you need. Via the GII you can program the wall control to trigger macro’s or even control 3rd party devices.The Graphical Installer Interface has been developed to be extremely installer-friendly, this makes it possible for every integrator to configure the required unique solution. The variety of installations where AUDIOCONTROL12.8 can be used is endless and only limited by the installer’s creativity.The DIWAC is configured as an audio controller with ‘source select’ and ‘volume adjustment’ buttons. There is the possibility to assign new functions. The LCD-display has 2 line – 12 character and has a timed (adjustable) white blacklight.

DIWAC fits into most standard in-wall boxes such as our E-MODIN and N-MODIN. Easy mounting (no mounting tools required) on the wall chassis.


display 2 Line -12 Character LCD display backlight Yes
supported main unit AUDIOCONTROL12.8 programmable functions Yes
addressing Hardwired connector type euroblock 2-pole
max. cable 2.5 mm² max. cable length 580 m
power type Phantom inputs No
cut-out dimensions 51 x 51 mm width 83 mm
height 83 mm depth 20 mm
weight 0.07 kg Net weight product 0.07 kg


ZONE4 wall control panel for music level & source select
ZONE4R is a remote control panel for the ZONE4, Apart’s multifunctional 4-zone pre-amplifier. The control panel offers music level control, source selection and microphone mix level control. A clear digital display makes it easy to monitor the functioning of the unit.The remote panels are easy to install, and are connected to the ZONE4 by a standard CAT-5 cable (or higher). Both T-568A and T-568B cable terminations can be used. The maximum approved CAT5 cable length is 100m per zone, according to circumstances. Mounting screws are included. A build-in box (BBi1) and surface mounted back box (BB1) is available.

The maximum ZONE4R control panels connected to a single ZONE 4 pre-amplifier is 8 pieces in any configuration (e.g. 2 panels x 4 zones or 8 panels x 1 zone or any other combination with a total of 8 panels). You can connect multiple ZONE4R units to the ZONE4 main unit using the RJ45 split hub.

Each controller has its unique network address. Please note that the ZONE4R panels are unique to the Apart ZONE4 four-zone pre amplifier and can’t be used for controlling another pre-amplifier. ZONE4R cannot be linked to a PC and is not network compatible!

Adressing the control to a zone is very easy: by pushing the music volume and microphone volume buttons for 5 seconds, a zone indication will appear on the display. Use the source selection buttons to assign the remote control to the zone you want. After 5 seconds, the remote control can be operated.

Sophisticated but yet affordable: this remote control has all basic controls, is easy to install and easy to use. The combination with the ZONE4 pre-amplifier gives you the competitive edge to tackle even the most daunting challenges!


display 2 digit LED display backlight No
supported main unit ZONE4 programmable functions No
addressing Software connector type euroblock 4-pole
max. cable 2.5 mm² max. cable length 100 m
power type Phantom inputs No
cut-out dimensions 70 x 55 mm width 114 mm
height 80 mm depth 40 mm
Net weight product 0.14 kg