Metal adapter for 2 pieces BUZZSTOP-MKIII in 19″ rack
BUZZ19 is a small metal brace that allow you to put 2 BUZZSTOP-MKIII together so that they wil perfectly fit in a 19″ rack. The four screws are included.


Net weight product (kg) 0,05


Universal signal convertor & ground isolator
The Apart BUZZSTOP-MKIII is a universal input adaptor that can be used for all connections and extensions. The input level selector allows you to convert any amplifier output to any line-level output, balanced or unbalanced. (E.g.: You can convert a 100V loudspeaker signal into a balanced or unbalanced line level signal). The BUZZSTOP-MKIII also makes it possible to convert an unbalanced signal into balanced and vice versa.A 19” adaptor set is available. This way it is possible to mount 2 BUZZSTOP-MKIII in a 19” rack. (REF: BUZZ-19)

Often the BUZZSTOP-MKIII is used to solve humm and buzz problems via the build-in audio transformer. This can be a perfect way to avoid ground loops.


inputs – line level – balanced Euroblock, 0dB-1V inputs – line level – unbalanced RCA cinch, 0dB-1V
inputs – high level – PA amp Euroblock, 100V-70V-33V inputs – high level – low imp amp 8 Ohm &1kW-600W-120W
inputs – high level – telephone Euroblock outputs – balanced Euroblock, Line 0dB-1V
outputs – unbalanced RCA cinch, 0dB-1V width 241 mm
height 44 mm depth 72 mm
weight 500 gr Net weight product (kg) 0,50


Accurate impedance meter
Apart understands the installer’s needs. How easy would your life be if you always had a tool with you that could measure the impedance of your loudspeakers and speaker lines?

The Apart IMPMET is an impedance meter that measures true impedance of loudspeakers and speaker lines on low impedance or in 100 volt systems in order to avoid amplifier overload. Compared to other impedance meters, the Apart IMPMET is much more accurate because it measures at 330 Hz.

The impedance meter can be used in three different test ranges (0-20 ohms, 200 ohms and 2000 ohms). The 3” digital LCD display has a data-hold function and will inform you when the battery of the IMPMET is low.

The IMPMET is packed in a lovely soft Apart bag that keeps your impedance meter clean and warm. Inside the box there is a very useful conversion table that helps you to calculate the power required for the impedance measured (100V or 70V).


display 3 1/2 LCD, with data hold, low battery and measured unit indication display backlight Yes
power Battery, 6 x AA alkaline included range 20 – 200 – 2000 Ohm
resolution 10 – 100 – 1000 mOhm basic accuracy +-2% + 2 digits at 18 to 28°C and relative humidity <75%
test frequency approx. 330 Hz standard double insulation, meetsIC-1010, installation CATIII 100V
width 168 mm height 110 mm
depth 62 mm weight approx. 500 (incl batteries) gr
Net weight product (kg) 1,00