• The Lyzard-KZ12 is a remarkable ultramicro line array designed for discreet use in a variety of initimate environments such as restaurants, bars and museums.

• The rugged enclosure contains a line array of 4 x 0.5” long excursion, full-range drivers housed in a sleek case built around a super strong chassis. The high efficiency drive units have neodymium magnet structures and suspensions engineered for maximum linear excursion and minimum residual transducer noise.

• This miniature, slim column is only 1.2 cm wide and delivers true crystal clear audio with an amazing output of 92 dB continuous – remarkable from such a miniscule enclosure!

• The system delivers long throw and coherent coverage making it ideal for use in space constrained situations. Up to four Lyzards can be integrated with the KU sub bass line, extending the frequency range to 35 Hz. The KZ12 weighs a mere 46 g and measures 2.2 x 10 x 1.2cm.

• All the KZ12 components are designed at our Florence-based R&D department. They are custom manufactured to our exact standards and quality control system in Italy.


Max power handling 8 W (AES)
Impedance 16Ω
Frequency range 250 Hz – 18 KHz +/- 6dB (1)
SPL 1W/1mt 82 dB (2)
Maximum SPL 92 dB continuous – 98 dB peak (3)
Horizontal 140°
Vertical 20°
Type External Crossover required
Frequency 250Hz 24dB/oct suggested minimum
Full-range 4 x 0.5” Neodymium speakers with 0.5” voice coil
Connectors IN+ IN- (to be soldered or screwed)
Type KA14, KA24 for up to 4 units each channel
Dimensions 2.1 x 10.0 x 1.2 cm (0.83”x 3.93”x 0.47”) (4)
Weight 45.5 g (0.10 lb)

Notes for data

1. With dedicated preset

2. Measured @8 m, then scaled @1 m;

3. Measured with musical signal

4. ( W x H x D). New materials and design are introduced into existing products without previous notice. Present systems may differ in some respects from those presented in this catalogue.