PM1122 Multifunctional stereo pre-amplifier The PM1122 is a stereo pre-amplifier ideal for 1 and 2 zone applications where you want to have a different volume setting and where a different sound source is needed. This pre-amplifier has 2 stereo output zones and up to 10 inputs (6 MIC-line and 4 line inputs). All MIC/line inputs […]


CHAMP-2 Convection cooled 2-channel power amplifier Apart’s CHAMP-2 robust 2-channel power amplifier offers unequalled pure music quality with high power and a dynamic punch. Because this stereo amplifier is a part of the revolutionary CHAMP-series of convection cooled power amplifiers, the unit is maintenance free. The CHAMP-2 has no fan inside which implicates the amplifier […]


CONCEPT1 2-zone integrated stereo mixing amplifier For a long time, installers worldwide have been unhappy with consumer electronics and they were looking for a professional integrated amplifier for use in commercial environments, boardrooms or small businesses designed for 24/7 operation. Therefore Apart developed the CONCEPT1, a stereo or two mono channel (2 x 80 watts […]


MA120 Professional mixing amplifier 120W The revolutionary Apart MA120 mixing amplifier offers the end-user an unseen cutting-edge design and ease-of-use. The ground-breaking intuitive front panel is clear and easy to use without any unnecessary bells and whistles. The volume control rotary on the front panel is prominent, illuminated, bigger and put in the forefront while […]


AC12.8SET Combination of AUDIOCONTROL12.8 + AC12.8FP AC12.8SET is an AUDIOCONTROL12.8 with the AC12.8FP feature pack already built-in. The AUDIOCONTROL12.8 matrix controls much more than your audio! You can have different sound sources in different zones at various volume levels, do selective paging and on top of that control other devices as well. Briefly: your all […]


PC1000RMKII Versatile CD / USB / SD-card music source The Apart PC1000RMKII is a professional multisource CD/USB/SD-card music player, equipped with balanced and unbalanced analog outputs, coaxial and optical digital outputs and a RS232-port for use in integrated systems. The maximum analog output level can be preset at the back of the PC1000RMKII to match […]


NETKIT-IR NETKIT-Ethernet to IR convertor NETKIT-IR makes it possible to design and integrate a low-cost custom control system for Apart products and other devices with infrared control possibilities. It allows easy integration with pc, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android devices via freely available software applications. Now you can seamlessly connect a laptop and control any infrared […]