N-VOL10K 10 K-ohm volume control, white The N-VOL10K volume controller is especially made for the Apart CHAMP-3D amplifier and other future Apart products. You can control the volume of your compatible amplifier remotely and be ensured that the maximum sound level will not be exceeded. SPECIFICATIONS height 90 mm depth 85 mm width 90 mm […]


E-VOL120 100 volt, 120 watts Euro volume control, white The Apart E-VOL120 is a 100 volt volume control that can handle up to 120 watts of power. It is very versatile thanks to the step-by-step attenuation in 11 steps + zero position. The E-VOL 120 is designed to handle 24V priority signals. This means that […]


D-VOL120 70 volt, 120 watts Decora volume control, white The Apart D-VOL120 is a 70 volt volume control. It can handle up to 120 watts of power and is very durable thanks to the step-by-step attenuation in 11 steps + zero position. The D-VOL120 is designed to handle 24V priority signals. This means that you […]


AC12.8FP Feature pack for AUDIOCONTROL12.8 By adding the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 FEATURE PACK (AC12.8FP) it is possible to integrate extra features like message player, logic inputs & outputs, output delay and zone combining. These extra features can all be integrated in macros you can program within the GII12.8. Each of the 48 available macros can be configured […]


ALINP Active local input panel In lots of applications a local input control can be a useful and above all a timesaving product. No complex devices with multiple buttons to control… just plug in and control the volume, nothing more, nothing less!Especially in rooms where very often a music source or microphone is used, the […]


ACP Volume control panel for SDQ5PIR ACP is a wired remote control for the Apart SDQ5PIR active speaker. This audio control panel makes you forget the worries associated with the use of audio in public rooms used by different people on an almost hourly basis. No more stolen or lost remote controls, no more battery […]


PM1122-INT Digital RS232 interface for PM1122 The PM1122-INT is a digital interface remote for the 2-stereo zone remote controlled stereo pre-amplifier PM1122.There are 3 possible ways to control the interface remotely: by using RS-232, using contacts to recall presets and by using an RF wall controller in combination with a remote controlled RF-module that is […]


19″ VOLUME CONTROLS 19″ 100 volt, 6 x 60 watts volume control The Apart 19-VOL660 is a 19” unit, equipped with 6 pieces 100 volt volume controls that can handle up to 60 watts of power each. The Euroblock connectors at the back of the unit make installing very easy.The volume controls are very durable […]


SVC4 4-zone stereo volume control The Apart SVC4 is a unique multiple stereo volume control. It gives you the possibility to adjust (or switch off) the volume in 4 different zones. SVC4 can be used with a standard HiFi amplifier.In case you only want to adjust 2 zones, you can use traditional 8 Ohm loudspeakers. […]


CONCEPT1-RC Remote control for Concept1 amplifier CONCEPT1-RC is the remote control for the Apart CONCEPT1 amplifier. SPECIFICATIONS length 150 mm width 50 mm depth 19 mm net weight 100 gr battery 2 x AAA LR03 alkaline 1.5V Net weight product (kg) 0,10 PCD-REM Remote control CD/USB/SD player PCD-REM is an optional IR remote control that […]