BUZZ19 Metal adapter for 2 pieces BUZZSTOP-MKIII in 19″ rack BUZZ19 is a small metal brace that allow you to put 2 BUZZSTOP-MKIII together so that they wil perfectly fit in a 19″ rack. The four screws are included. SPECIFICATIONS Net weight product (kg) 0,05 BUZZSTOP-MKIII Universal signal convertor & ground isolator The Apart BUZZSTOP-MKIII […]


CONCEPT1T-KIT Transform kit for Concept1 The CONCEPT1T-KIT allows you to convert a low impedance CONCEPT1 into a 100V amplifier. The kit contains 2 transformers and fixation screws.The circuit board of the unit has been pre-equipped to accommodate the transformers, so the conversion is a quick, hassle-free operation. Thanks to this conversion kit, CONCEPT1 is a […]


BB1 Build on box for remote panel PM1122R and ZONE4R, white The BB1 is an on-wall box for the PM1122R and ZONE4R, the analog remote controls for the PM1122 and ZONE4 pre-amplifiers.The BB1 and PM1122R / ZONE4 have been designed to match perfectly with each other. No more searching for the right accessory – Apart […]


STSUB Pole stand for MASK8 onto Sub with pole adapter The STSUB pole allows the user to put a MASK8 / MASK8F-BL on top of an Apart SUB2400 or SUB2201 subwoofer. In that way the combination of subwoofer & top speaker can be used mobile within a fixed location. It is ideal for use for […]


COLSBRA Bracket for easy tilting and rotating of COLS sound columns COLSBRA is an adjustable bracket for the Apart column speakers (COLS41, COLS81 and COLS101). This item is available as a separate accessory, and allows easy tilting and turning of the column speakers.Sprocket hinges make sure the speakers stay in the angle the installer positioned […]


CAXFXF (I) XLR adapter 3 Pole female – female CAXFXF is an adaptor XLR3 FEMALE – XLR3 FEMALE. SPECIFICATIONS Connectors XLR 3 pole female – female diameter 21 mm depth 88 mm Net weight product (kg) 0,11 CAXMXM (J)XLR adapter 3 pole male – male CAXMXM is an adaptor XLR3 MALE – XLR3 MALE. SPECIFICATIONS […]


DAB-FM combiner for DAB compatible tuners DAB-FM gives you the comfort to choose between a DAB antenna and cable distribution on your tuner. The Apart DAB-FM combiner allows the use of cable distribution combined with a DAB air antenna. SPECIFICATIONS Net weight product (kg) 0,43 RJ45SPLIT   RJ45 Splitter : 1input, 4 output (MICPAT-4 or […]