DIMIC12 extension for AUDIOCONTROL12.8
DIMIC12S is an extension unit for the DIMIC12 digital paging station. Per DIMIC12 you can connect up to 7 DIMIC12S expansion units allowing a total of 96 programmable buttons available.When the DIMIC12S is used with AUDIOCONTROL12.8 you can allocate buttons to perform actions like opening a door, controlling a sound source, ring a bell or even start a series of commands.

The DIMIC12S has 12 free configurable selection buttons and status LEDs.


active Yes buttons 12 programmable
indicator 1 per button zones 12 (up to 96)
connector Flat Cable power type Powered from DIMIC12
width 110 mm height 58 mm
depth 240 mm cut-out dimensions 85 x 230 mm
supported main unit AUDIOCONTROL12.8 Net weight product (kg) 0,34